Community Forum


Tuesday, October 27
5:30-7:30 p.m.
Carbondale Public Library

What is the fate of the most vulnerable and our social service providers in the ongoing budget stalemate? The next Community Forum: Challenges of Poverty in Carbondale will be devoted to assessing the current budget impasse in three areas:

  • SERVICES: Provision of services to vulnerable residents
  • EMPLOYMENT: Employment status of persons working in social service / government agencies
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainability of social service network in Southern Illinois

Panelists will be drawn from civic and social services sectors to report on their agencies’ present capacities, and assess impact on these three domains if the budget impasse continues into 2016. The second half of the forum will be devoted to discussion about possible avenues for collective action.

Additionally, the Sparrow Coalition is continuing to compile a list of area social service providers that have been adversely affected by the Illinois budget stalemate. If you know of affected local services, or have updates to report, please contact us

Information on the Community Forum: The Community Forum series began in June 2015 as an initiative of the Sparrow Coalition and Imagining Geographies-Civic Soul, in partnership with the Carbondale Public Library and the Carbondale Interfaith Council. The series aims to advance ongoing understanding, discussion, and actions related to issues and consequences of poverty and homelessness.

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