Sparrow Coalition Teams


Emergency Response

The goal of the Emergency Response Team is the provision of inclement weather emergency shelter for people who cannot be served by existing programs, and to seek ways to help families prevent homelessness when emergency financial situations arise.

Long-Term Housing

The Long Term Housing Team is building a comprehensive long-term plan for manifesting affordable housing for the most vulnerable individuals and families among us in our region. This effort focuses on three distinct trajectories, including (1) Development, design and building of a sustainable, mixed-economy, job-creating Tiny House Community Village; (2) directly placing the homeless with interested landlords; and (3) supporting both emergent and already existing long term housing programs like that of the Southern Illinois Coalition for the Homeless.

Communications & Advocacy

The Communications & Advocacy Team works to give voice to those struggling with poverty and homelessness, and to educate the community on these issues. We advocate for humane and sustainable policies and projects to address poverty and homelessness in our region. We promote the efforts of the Sparrow Coalition, and the needs and concerns of regional social service agencies. We share information via digital media, press interviews, special events, and public speaking.

Knowledge Mobilization

The Knowledge Mobilization Team develops partnerships & knowledge-related collaborations with researchers, agency representatives, community organizations, residents, persons in poverty, and fellow Sparrow Coalition members. The team works to gather, organize, and disseminate research, policies, and policy analyses, approaches employed by relevant organizations, and so forth. The team previously organized the Community Forums on Poverty, working with the Sparrow Coalition Communications Team and SIU Imagining Geographies in sharing the products of our efforts.

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