Community Forum

Challenges of Poverty in Carbondale

The Community Forum “Challenges of Poverty” series began in June 2015 as an initiative of the Sparrow Coalition and SIU’s Imagining Geographies-Civic Soul, in partnership with the Carbondale Public Library and Nonviolent Carbondale. The yearlong series advanced ongoing understanding, discussion, and actions related to issues and consequences of poverty and homelessness.

June 2016 Community Forum


Homelessness documentarian and activist, Diane Nilan screened her new film about seniors in poverty  at Community Forum: Challenges of Poverty in Carbondale June 21 at the Carbondale Public Library. Diane has directed homeless shelters and services in Illinois, and helped draft national legislation that ensures homeless students are aided in public schools. Now a chronicler of homelessness throughout the U.S., Diane brings a national perspective on the situation.

May 2016 Community Forum

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April 2016 Community Forum

Sustainability April 2016

March 2016 Community Forum

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October 2015 Community Forum


September 2015 Community Forum

Housing First – Case Study: Eugene Oregon

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June 2015 Community Forum

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